How much does it cost to rent a portable toilet?

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Are you looking for a service company that offers portable toilet rentals in your area? If you are organizing a special event or project in the near future, knowing the rental costs as early as now can help you choose the best company for your need and budget.

In many locations in the United States, the portable toilet business has been a good source of income. Especially in bigger cities with countless celebrations in just a year, it will be good for you to know which companies have the best service for a fair price range.

Porta potty rental costs in 2021






In order for us to help you make your event or project successful, we have made a guide that can help you determine the average rental costs of portable toilets in the area where you live.

Of course, since this is a business, it will be difficult to know the prices for every company that offers them as a service. Also, there is usually no exact price for portable restrooms that are regulated by a pricing committee.

Factors that will influence the rental costs

The cost you will have to pay will depend on several factors, such as:

The location

Depending on where your event or project will take place, the charges that you need to pay can be based on your location. For example, if you rent a porta potty in California, it is normal to have to pay a more expensive rate compared to another state like Kentucky or Iowa.

Based on our research, the state with the least expensive portable toilets is in Ohio for around $40 per week, and the most expensive rental services are in Oklahoma for around $400 for the same toilet type for a week.

The duration

Portable toilets can be rented for short-term and long-term use. Depending on your needs, you can rent one for a day, a week, a month, or until your project is finished.

Daily rentals may be more expensive compared to longer-duration rentals, but this is not always the case as you will also have to pay other fees such as maintenance and cleaning for longtime projects.

On average, daily rentals can cost around $80 to $175, weekly rentals can cost around $150 to $300, while monthly rentals can be around $100 to $500, depending of course on the type of toilet that you want.

The type of portable toilet

The rental costs of portable toilets will absolutely depend on what type you will need. As a general example, porta potties come in standard, premium, and luxury units, and can also be for construction sites and for people with handicaps or special requirements. Based on what unit you will rent, the price will also be affected.

On average, you will pay the following prices for a one-day rental

For standard toilets that only contain the most basic features, expect to pay $80 to $125.

For premium toilets that are flushable, have more room, a mirror, sink, and other features expect to pay $90 to $150.

For luxury toilets with extra features for the guests’ comfort, expect to pay $200 to $350.

For construction toilets that are more durable and can be used in high rise areas, expect to pay $125 to $225.

For ADA-compliant toilets that are safe and secure for people with handicaps, expect to pay $150 to $225.

The purpose

Some rental companies charge less or more depending on the purpose of your rent. For example, they may charge more for special events such as weddings and big outdoor events.

Though this may sound unfair, the reason for this is that the number of people will influence how many toilets should be rented. Plus, there is also a higher chance of toilet damages in a crowd than at a private party.

The extra features

Portable toilet rental companies offer extra features that can be optionally added to the service you need. For example, you may find it essential to have a hand sanitizer station, hot and cold water options, private stalls, mirrors, heaters, and air-conditioning. The price for these add-ons will naturally be set by the rental company and will often start at $5.

The maintenance

To maintain sanitation and cleanliness in the portable toilets, rentals come with a cleaning service that will be scheduled depending on the fee you paid. For long-term rents, the company may go to your location to clean it once per week, or more if you want to with extra costs.

Most monthly rentals charge around $50 to $250 for 8 cleanings and more.

The transport fees

Depending on the company, the delivery fee may be included in your payment or may be a different matter. Make sure to ask how their transport fees work, or you will pay a delivery or pickup charge before getting your toilets.

Other fees

Some rental companies charge deposits, late fees, and insurance fees. Be sure to understand their policy or you may be surprised to know it when it’s too late.

A simple suggestion

Don’t rush in renting a portable toilet before securing a great deal. Ask around for at least a month or two before your event and look for the best company that is known to provide clean toilets at an affordable price.