Handicapped Portable Toilet Rentals

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Looking for a portable toilet rental company that provides access to people with special needs and handicaps? No need to look further, as we are a group that prioritizes equal access to our facilities by making sure that we have the product that every individual can use.

What exactly do we mean by handicapped portable toilets?

Every individual has their own preferences and needs. In many cases, some people may need more access to features such as a wheelchair-friendly area or one that is fitted with ramps for convenient movement and transfer.

Because we recognize the importance of safety especially for people that are elderly, with special needs, and for parents taking care of babies or toddlers, we made it our goal to offer a portable restroom that can accommodate their needs. Hence, we offer our handicapped portable toilets in all our covered areas.

Our mission is to comply with the ADA standard and make sure that people with handicaps and special requirements have the utility they will need to attend and enjoy a party and special event. Who says that good times are only limited to a certain group of people? Certainly not us.

How is handicapped porta potty different?

To ease your worries, we will explain in detail how our handicapped portable toilets are different from the standard porta potties we offer. This matter is very close to our hearts, as we know that just like us, people would love to celebrate their important day with friends, families, and relatives that may need extra adaptive equipment and room.




It offers more space.

Porta potties that are designed for people with handicaps should have more room for them to maneuver. This is extremely helpful for the individuals who use wheelchairs or those who have a caretaker to help them do their business. Our restroom can accommodate two people at the same time.

It is more durable.

Durability is prioritized for handicapped toilets just like what we do for our construction potties. Because it has more features and is expected to be functional for people with special requirements, we continuously make sure that it will be reliable for the user.

It has a wider doorway.

Our portable toilets have a wider doorway to make it easier for people to enter and exit the restroom without problems.

It has non-slip and non-skid flooring.

The flooring is well-fitted to reduce the risks of slipping and wheelchair skidding in the area to avoid unfortunate accidents.

It is well-ventilated.

The toilet is comfortable and receives the recommended ventilation requirements.

It is equipped with handles and rails.

Handles and railing are strategically placed all around the restroom to make sure that people have an area where they can support themselves.

It has more features for convenience and safety.

For parents, we have included a foldable changing table to make it easier and more comfortable for babies when changing clothes or diapers.

Other features:

Flushable: Yes

Eco-friendly: Yes

Toilet-paper holder: Yes

Sink: Yes

With mirror, soap dispenser, and occupancy sign

Dimensions: H ā€“ 91 inches W ā€“ 62 inches Dā€“ 63 inches

Accommodate every need for your event.

If you want to know more about our portable toilets for people with handicaps, talk to our team by calling us at this number.