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Are you having an event, project, or party in your area? If you are expecting a number of guests and visitors, prepare your site by having a portable sink ready. When health and sanitation are very important you should not compromise cleanliness, and this starts with washing your hands.

Rent a portable sink for your event and project by calling us at our number. We efficiently serve the areas that are listed on our site.

Who are we?

We are a rental service company that offers sink rentals to many locations in the United States. With the range of products we provide and our guaranteed reliability and quality service, we are very proud and grateful to be called the Number 1 sink rental company in the area.

Our company was established in the year 2000. Since then, we have made it our goal to provide dependable services on our site, whether for private functions, public events, and for construction sites, we always give our 100% commitment in everything we do.

Why sinks are important

We know how bacteria, germs, and viruses can be harmful to our health, especially in this current pandemic. Unfortunately, some of us have been too lax to prioritize cleanliness in the past. Now that we know how crucial it is to practice safety, sinks are very essential in our current mission in decreasing the disease from the pesky germs in our environment.

When an area is well-equipped with a functional sink that can accommodate a good number of people, we can worry less about the sickness we can get from various sources, especially in worksites and functions with many workers and guests.

Short-term and long-term portable sink rental services

Do you need to rent a sink for your outdoor function or worksite? Do not hesitate to talk to us.

Our rental process is convenient, fast, and reliable.

No matter what event you will use them for, we can guarantee quality services that will absolutely fit your need.





What projects and events do we work with?

  •  Concerts, parades, carnivals, and fairs
  • Tournaments and activities such as sports events, walks, races, and marathons
  • Food festivals
  • Private parties such as birthdays, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, anniversaries
  • Company functions and celebrations
  • Charity works, environmental functions, and fundraising events
  • Construction, agricultural, and rescue projects
  • And many more..

Portable sinks for your handwashing needs

Here are the products that we offer for short-term or long-term rental.

  • The basic portable basin

Recommended for: smaller events and functions

We have the standard portable basin for your basic handwashing station as our most affordable product. It can handle up to 300 washes without refilling and is easily transported to most sites.

The rental includes a soap dispenser and a towel dispenser for a convenient experience.

Dimensions: H - 48 inches, W – 51 inches, D – 22 inches (may differ depending on the available model)

  • The dual portable basin

Recommended for: bigger events, projects, and functions

For our dual portable basin, it is possible to use the two sinks at the same time. This makes it more efficient when working with more people or if there are a lot of guests at the event. It can handle up to 350 to 400 washes without refilling and is easily transported to most sites.

The rental includes 2 soap dispensers and 2 towel dispensers for a convenient experience with a hands-free, foot pump mechanism for a sanitized environment. It can also be fitted with another sink to decrease the waiting time in high-traffic stations.

Dimensions: H - 32 inches, W – 51 inches, D – 22 inches (may differ depending on the available model)

  • The triple compartment hot/cold sinks

Recommended for: huge events, projects, and functions

For our triple compartment portable sink, it is possible to use three sinks at the same time which is very effective in events that are supposed to accommodate a huge number of people. It can also be used for getting hot or cold water, which is extremely helpful in food stations and other events.

Dimensions: H - 44 inches, W – 90 inches, D – 24 inches (may differ depending on the available model)

Know more about our rental services

Do you have more questions about our process and products? Call us now at this number and we will be glad to help you.

Access to a clean handwashing station should not be impossible. Get a free quote when you reach out now!